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Mental Health Resiliency Fund

The Mental Health Resiliency Fund (MHRF) is funded by Office of the Secretary of Higher Education’s Mental Health in Higher Education Grant to address the mental health needs of college and university students, exacerbated by the prolonged effect of the COVID pandemic. The MHRF helps to relieve financial barriers and provide ease of access that may impact a student’s ability to seek long-term mental health support. This fund assists TCNJ students by providing financial support when they need assistance for co-pays/deductibles*, transportation to and from the facility, specialized treatment programs*, prescriptions, and/or other mental health-related needs that arise. This funding is not intended to replace or supplement existing financial aid and does not have to be repaid.

*Please note there is a cap to these amounts to ensure enough funding is available for all students in need. Additionally, co-pays are paid directly to the healthcare professional and are not given to the students.


Eligible Recipients for the MHRF must:

  • be currently enrolled TCNJ student;
  • experiencing financial hardship;
  • have pursued other means to cover costs of mental health services but have proven to be difficult to acquire sufficient funding; and
  • applicants must complete all questions in detail and submit supporting documentation in their application.


If you are in need of this assistance, please submit the Mental Health Resiliency Fund Form:

Mental Health Resiliency Fund Form

Review Process

The MHRF committee will review the completed application materials to determine appropriate funding amounts if any. Funds distributed do not generally exceed $500. When applicable funds will be paid directly to the service provider. The committee will review application requests in excess of $500 for unique and unusual circumstances of MHRF need. Applicants may be required to meet with a staff member in Student Wellbeing & Health Promotion Office to discuss their form request. Students currently receiving financial aid, should be aware that receiving funding from MHRF may affect their future aid packages.

Once the criteria are met, the Student Wellbeing & Health Promotion Office will verify with the Office of Student Financial Assistance that the student would not qualify for the TCNJ Help Loan or that this is not a feasible option, and there is a demonstrated financial need.

If the request does not exceed $500, and all eligibility requirements are met, the Student Wellbeing & Health Promotion Office may process the request. If the request exceeds $500, and all eligibility criteria are met, the MHRF committee will review the application and process any awarded funds. Please know that while TCNJ may fund requests, it is the student’s responsibility to understand how funds granted may impact their taxes, and are required to submit all necessary documentation required for taxes.