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Leadershape Student Group

Student Advocacy Advisory Team

Under the leadership of the Division of Student Affairs, the Student Advocacy Advisory Team is responsible for educating and supporting student activists on- and off-campus, coordinating the appropriate level of response for different events, and serve as the primary liaisons between administrators, law enforcement, and students. The team develops initial response strategies and approaches activist students with customized intervention plans prior to controversial demonstrations, including but not limited to:

  • connecting with event organizers, protesters and counter-protesters,
  • identify trusted faculty and staff to aid in facilitating conversations, and
  • provide support for logistics and de-escalations tactics.

The team also provides “just-in-time” guidance in the event of spontaneous demonstrations or those that are unknown to the team including:

  • referring event organizers, protesters and counter-protesters to the campus webpage on activism, found here
  • provide printed resources with emergency contact information, found here

Student Advocacy Advisory Team Members


Kerri Thompson-Tillett

Associate Vice President for Equity and Inclusion


Jordan Draper

Dean of Students

Sean Stallings, Vice President for Student Affairs

Sharon Blanton, Vice President for Information Technology

Tom Mahoney, Vice President & General Counsel

Rajbir Toor, Student Representative

Marvin Carter, Interim Director of Diversity and Inclusion

Marissa Bellino, Assistant Professor, Department of Education Administration & Secondary Education

Janet Gray, Professor, Department of Women’s, Gender, & Sexuality Studies

Timothy Grant, Chief of Campus Police

Chelsea Jacoby, Title IX Coordinator

Michael Canavan, Deputy General Counsel

Kelly Hennessy, Assistant Vice President for Student Affairs

Jamal Johnson, Senior Assistant Director of Student Mentoring & Retention

William Straniero, Associate Director of Campus Police

James Lopez, Lieutenant of Campus Police

Crystel Maldonado, Interim Director of Student Conduct

Beth Gallus, Associate Dean of Students

LaKitha Murray, Senior Associate Director of Internal Affairs

Avani Rana, Director of Leadership Development

Audrey Perrotti, Director of Brower Student Center

Kiley Cinelli, Assistant Director of Brower Student Center

Dave Muha, Associate Vice President of Communications, Marketing, and Brand Management

Luke Sacks, Head Media Relations Officer

Alex Holzman, Assistant to the Vice President for Equity and Inclusion